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For export to countries outside the E U all wooden pallets have to conform to ISPM15 regulations and requirements. The authority for this is the forestry commission and the ISPM15 treatment for pallets means they are heat treated to a certain temperature to remove any infestation of bugs or disease.

What is ISPM15? The International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures, publication number 15 - Regulation of wood packaging material (WPM) in international trade.

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Used Pallets

Manufacturers, Distribution companies, Packers, warehousing, RDC’s to name but a few all use some form of pallet whether it be wooden, plastic, metal, composite, cardboard, new or recycled. The pallets main function is to enable a heavy load to be moved, stored and delivered without having to be handled by hand. The pallet has two or four entry sides and can be easily lifted by a fork lift or pump up truck.

There are an enormous amount of pallet specifications throughout industry, if they are manufactured bespoke, the sizes, static and dynamic weight capacity are all taken into consideration as well as the use for the pallet and what product will be loaded on to it.

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About Bespoke Pallets

Bespoke Pallets provide a full range of materials handling products. From Reconditioned pallets, new bespoke and standard size pallets, used euro pallets and plastic pallets, fruit trays and plastic folding pallet boxes to name but a few.

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