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1208COL: 1200 x 800 Used Euro Size WoodenPallet Collar

Model No: 1200

1200 x 800 used euro size wooden pallet collar Can be stacked in multiples This product is also available in …more.

1208HD: 1200 x 800 Heavy Duty Used Plastic Pallet Crevice Free

Model No: 1208HD

1200 x 800 Crevice free heavy duty used plastic pallet A great alternative to ISPM15 heat treated wooden pallets

1208HDP: 1200 x 800 Used Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Model No: 1208HDP

1200 x 800 heavy duty open ended Euro size used plastic pallet A great alternative to ISPM heat treatment for …more.

1208LW: Euro Size Used Light Weight Plastic Pallet

Model No: 1208LW

1200 x 800 lightweight nestable pallet Great alternative to ISPM15

1210FBP: 1200 x 1000 Used Plastic Folding Box Pallet

Model No: 1210FBP

1200 x 1000 x 795 Internal height 595 4 way entry used plastic folding box pallet Very strong, suitable for …more.

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