Category: Bread Trays

SPPB001: new bread tray

Model No: SPPB001

Bread Tray 775 x 630 x 170mm Food Grade polypropylene Available colours: Blue / Black / Grey

SPPB002: New Bread Tray

Model No: SPPB0002

Bread Tray 790 x 615 x 165mm Material Food Grade Polypropylene Available Colours Black/Blue/Grey/Green/Red//Brown

SPPB003: New Bread Tray

Model No: SPPB003

Bread Tray. 715 x 620 x 190mm.  Material Food Grade Polypropylene.  Available Colours Black/Blue/Grey

SPPBSECS: New Bread Tray


Bread Tray. We can offer seconds which are new but have miss prints etc that are blanked off: Please ask …more.