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Pallet collars are timber frames with steel hinges at each corner designed to turn a pallet into a container. In use they can be added vertically as required but folded flat for storage.

  •  They are secure, easy to assemble or “disassemble” and provide excellent protection for the load contents.
  •  Have many uses and extremely flexible and are available in an extensive range of standard and non-standard sizes and materials.
  • Very cost effective, eliminating waste packaging on out loads and reducing space on return loads and in the warehouse.
  • Convenient, Versatile, Environmentally friendly
  • Collars can be added and removed in stages – a layer at a time – avoiding the problems of filling or emptying rigid boxes.
  • They are reusable, strong and durable and have a long life. They are therefore more environmentally friendly than other packaging systems.

Pallet collars are ideal for use in racking or can be stacked independently.

Standard:  1200 x 1000

Euro: 1200 x 800.